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The world’s smallest portable gaming device
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PocketSprite Rated 4.8 / 5 based on 129 reviews.

Play all your favourite games: Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Master System, Gamegear, and more.

It isn't just tiny, it's an incredibly playable full-featured emulator that fits on your keyring.

Don't believe us? Watch this.


What’s inside

  • Smooth OLED Screen

    60+FPS. Right Ratio. Super Bright.
  • Gorilla Glass Screen

    Scratch proof. Drop proof.
  • Built in wifi & bluetooth

    Add new games in one-click
  • Instant On / Boss-Mode

    Pick up right where you left off.
  • Rechargeable Battery

    Hours of gameplay. Charge by USB.
  • Tiny 8-bit speaker

    Classic tunes stuck in your head.

    What’s possible

    Out of the box

    What's possible? Retro gaming in an ultra-modern, ultra-portable package. Emulate all your favourite games and consoles. Write your own games. Hack it into something else.

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    Gameboy Emulator
    Sega Emulator
    Dev Platform

    Just how small is it ?

    Slips perfectly into the pocket of even the skinniest jeans. But remember - it's not just tiny, it's incredibly playable, and it's no gimmick - it's a full featured emulation console that fits on your keyring.

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    How do I add games & apps?

    Adding new games and apps to your PocketSprite takes less than a minute.
    • Turn on the PocketSprite
      Turn on the PocketSprite
    • Join the PocketSprite Wifi
      Join the PocketSprite Wifi
    • Upload your files
      Upload your files
    Yes, it’s really that simple!

    Is it actually playable?

    Is something so small actually playable?
    Great question.
    We asked some slightly famous speed-runners to try the PocketSprite.
    Here’s what happened.

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    Reviews by people that matter.

    I want to own this tiny Game Boy.
    The smallest functional Game Boy ever built... at the end of the day, it not only runs Game Boy games, but even Doom.

    The Verge.com

    Plays every single Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Sega Master System and GameGear game. Fits on your keyring. Doesn't need AA-batteries. What are you waiting for?


    As Cool As A Tanooki in a Wind-Up Shoe

    CNET France

    La PocketSprite reprend le format de la GameBoy Classic, mais elle fait la taille d'un porte clés.


    There are other tiny gaming systems out there, but none are quite as powerful as the PocketSprite.

    Boing Boing

    Before you ask, yes, this also means that any Game Boy or Sega ROMs you happen to find online will work with the hardware.

    The Verge

    The PocketSprite can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, and Game Gear games, but the device is also open source, so you can in theory load on whatever you want.


    PocketSprite claims to be the world's smallest portable gaming device, and it's hard to argue against that.


    Most similar devices are built on Arduinos, but the PocketSprite is running on an ESP32 and has a 240MHz dual-core processor. And with 520KB of RAM, it’s got more than 10 times the processing speed and memory of the most powerful competitor.


    Roughly the same size as a Zippo lighter, the PocketSprite is a tiny retro gaming machine.

    Digital Trends

    PocketSprite supports the GNUBoy emulator for both Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. SMS Plus emulator support has been added, so you can add both Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System games to your library.


    De PocketSprite van tweaker Sprite_tm heeft afmetingen van 55x32x14mm en is uitgerust met een ESP32-dualcore-soc, die draait op 240MHz.


    A PocketSprite mini console has a tiny D-pad, A, B, Start, and Select buttons, a speaker, and support for WiFi, Bluetooth low energy, and a battery that charges via a micro USB cable.


    [PocketSprite] runs on a dual-core, 240 MHz ESP32 processor, and 520 KB of RAM. To put that into perspective, the OG Game Boy ran on a 4.19 MHz processor and 16 KB of memory.

    Game Zone

    Latest news from the blog

    We are very pleased to announce a new firmware update for your PocketSprite!

    There are many, many improvements in this version including: Fixed bugs, better sound, better NES emulation, better file-saving, fixed game support and improved button menu.

    Read more

    PocketSprite is open source

    This means that anyone (including you) can peer inside the code that makes PocketSprite tick.

    And if you miss the days of building things, the PocketSprite also comes in a kit-form; you can assemble your own (and we even put in some spare buttons for when you lose them in the carpet..)

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