Crowdfunding Shipping Updates

shipping updates -

Although over 450 early-birds are busy enjoying their PocketSprites, there are over 2,300 of eager backers waiting to get their devices.

Update: May 24, 2018:

The production issue was identified to be a component related issue. The correct component has been sourced, and we are back in full production.

The electronics factory will be finishing approx 500 - 1000 PCBs per week, with the first batch to be delivered to the assembly factory on Saturday, May 26.

The assembly factory will dispatch devices on a weekly basis to ensure the fastest delivery possible. We anticipate the next wave of delivery will be next Friday at the latest. 

We are respecting the purchase queue: That is to say, the longer you've been on pre-order, the higher priority your device. 

It's frustrating to be over schedule, but production and assembly are back at full speed, and we're back on track. Keep your eyes open for your tracking emails and news.

Update: May 15, 2018: 

Shipping has begun for the first crowed-funded pre-order deliveries. 
We have dispatched approximately 10% of the initial devices, with more deliveries rolling off the line in the coming weeks. 

We have received some of the devices with battery issues for studying, and everything is still on track for full-capacity production and delivery by May 20.

Update May 9, 2018:

We have temporarily suspended assembly of the PocketSprites to resolve a battery issue. Some users, about 2% of the early-bird backers, have had a "Red Blink of Death" issue, where their batteries won't charge.

We don't want to disappoint anyone, but we consider that getting a device a little later is better than getting a device that doesn't work properly. 

We expect to have the issue debugged by May 20. 

After May 20, we will continue assembly and delivery as expected.

The good news is that when we re-test the devices, we'll be able to flash the latest version of firmware onto the devices, so you'll have the newest version the day it arrives.

We will continue to update this thread as the situation develops.

Thanks kindly for your patience.

Should you have any questions - please contact us on