Crowdfunding Successful, NES Emulator, Shipping Started!

Crowdfunding Successful, NES Emulator, Shipping Started!

Thanks to over 3,000 faithful backers, PocketSprite was funded!
Even better, the first 450 customers already have their PocketSprites in their hands.

We've also released a new firmware update with a NES emulator! 
To update your PocketSprite, simply download the latest firmware, unzip it and upload it to your PocketSprite.

NoFrendo is included in the update zip. While it doesn't support save-games, you can now start playing your favourite NES games! 

There are a bunch of new features in this version:

  • Chooser: Added keylock
  • Chooser: Added WiFi disable option
  • Chooser: Added option menu: press 'start' in the app selection menu to open
  • Chooser: Improved charging indication (add 'almost full' icon, never go from charged back to charging state)
  • Chooser: Improve WiFi connection reliability
  • GnuBoy: Change rendering to also display the bottom few scanlines
  • GnuBoy: Improve rendering color depth precision
  • GnuBoy: Fix bug where cartridges with 32K SRAM would crash the emulator on a.o. save state load
  • Gnuboy/SMSPlus: Show power menu when power button is pressed in ROM selection screen
  • General: Stop a keypress to close a menu from affecting game state or the next menu in some places
  • Chooser: Properly report error when flash is full when uploading ROMs
  • Chooser: Properly escape json; weird characters in filenames shouldn't break file view anymore
  • Chooser: don't show '.app' extension in menu
  • Chooser: Don't go into an 'battery empty icon' reboot loop when charging but battery level is still too low to power on
  • Gnuboy/SMSPlus: Handle save state saving using a temp file so an untimely power-off can't corrupt the state file anymore
  • SDK: If menu option is too long, scroll it when selected
  • SDK: Handle situation where appfs is larger than partition properly