Purple PocketSprites - Upgraded Cases - Instagram Contents & Weekly Giveaways!

Purple PocketSprites - Upgraded Cases - Instagram Contents & Weekly Giveaways!

Hi guys, many things we want to talk about with you today!

First, of all, we wish you a great 2019.

Then we would like to thank the participants of our second Instagram PocketSprite contest: we asked to have you guys to draw a pocketsprite on your body and we picked 2 winners. 

Thanks to all the participants, and check out the amazing entries below!

We're running PocketSprite Giveaways to our loyal Instagram fans very often - follow us here: https://www.instagram.com/pocketsprite_keychain/ 

instagram contest

The 2 winners will receive a brand new purple pocketsprite

purple pocketsprite

We've had huge feedback asking to make purple PocketSprites.
Thanks to all your help and hints, previously we added Gorilla Glass for everyone.

In our newest batch, we've got an exciting upgrade: easy open cases! 
Just like on the Deluxe Edition, you can easily open your PocketSprite to change cases, clean the screen, or find the hidden hardware easter eggs..

We also added a rubber-seal around the screen to keep dust off your screen.

rubber around the pocketsprite screen

This year we will be dropping weekly special vouchers on our social media pages so make sure to follow us on twitter, facebook, Instagram and also on youtube :)

Stay tuned for the launch of the purple PocketSprite and thank you for your continued support the smallest retrogaming console!


Much love - Pocketsprite Team