New Software Update: July 2018

New Software Update: July 2018

We are very pleased to announce a new firmware update for your PocketSprite!

To update your PocketSprite, simply download the latest firmware, unzip it and upload the files to your PocketSprite via the Wifi Web interface.

There are many, many improvements in this version:

  • System: Fixed 'select button' multiple presses bug
  • Chooser: show free space on webpage (thx rorosaurus)
  • Button Menu: add indication user can press up / down for more options
  • SDK: Improve noise situation when volume is low/muted
  • Gnuboy: Get rid of 'crackle' in sound
  • Nofrendo: Add full emu powerbutton menu
  • Nofrendo: Add save state support
  • Changelist of the previous beta:
  • SDK: Alow exiting a menu by pressing a button
  • Chooser: add download option for files in the chooser webpage
  • Chooser: show message if no JS enabled on webpage (thx rorosaurus)
  • Chooser: show free space on webpage (thx rorosaurus)
  • Chooser: Allow different WiFi channel selection for AP in options menu
  • Gnuboy: Don't erase cartridge SRAM on game reset.
  • Gnuboy: Handle upper 16K of cartridge SRAM properly on snapshot save/load
  • SMSPlus: Fix saving/loading. Should stop SMSPlus from crashing when loading snapshot from older version.
  • SMSPlus: Fix big sprites issue. Fixes large graphics in Virtua Fighter

If you've been enjoying your PocketSprite, this is definitely the update you need to have!