PocketSprite Deluxe: Delivery Updates

You've been watching our updates and waiting for your PocketSprite Deluxe to be delivered. We promised July 7, which has passed - and you still don't have a tracking code.

Many of you have reached out to us, frustrated with the delays and the lack of updates on the expensive and exclusive device that you've invested in.

All devices have been assembled, but failed final testing.

We encountered a very strange technical problem: when the case is closed, and an USB cable is attached, the screen changes colour.

This is not a short circuit or manufacturing defect, but appears to be capacitive coupling between the screen and case. Even more curiously - simply placing the PocketSprite circuit inside a metal object (like metal can) - produces the same effect.

This is the reason why your devices are not shipped. Although they function, we will not send a device that is not 100% perfect to you.

Our engineering wizard, sprite_tm is working right now on finding a fix. A fix could be firmware, or could be hardware - but there is a solution - we just need some time to test and fix.

Here is our current gameplan:
  • Identify the specific source of the bug
  • Identify the fix (software or hardware)
  • We anticipate this will take about one week.
  • Implement the fix.
    • If it's software, we flash the Deluxe devices.
      This would take about one week.
    • If it's hardware, we rework the Deluxe PCBs and reassemble
      This could take up to three weeks.
  • Deliver the products.

At this point, it is only fair to have your feedback.

You have invested money, patience and confidence in us to deliver your an incredibly high quality product.

We will do exactly that.

However, we understand that for some of you, it's too late. Perhaps you need the money, perhaps you can wait no longer. We would like to give everyone the following choices:

Choice One
  • Delivery of your PocketSprite Deluxe, as planned
  • 50% Discount on a non-deluxe PocketSprite, for you or someone else.
Choice Two
  • Refund for your device
    Important: This is a cancellation - we will fully refund you, and your order will be cancelled.
Finally, we will send weekly updates by email so you are up to date with every detail.

The PocketSprite Deluxes are beautiful devices. Everyone who has seen them has fallen in love with them. They feel amazing, they look even better, and they play very, very well. Although everything is built, and the problem is small - we respect you and your money too much to send a device that has a problem. We are putting all the time, effort and resources that we have into this product. It's pushing the limit of what's possible - and we are incredibly frustrated to keep you waiting

We hope the above options will work for you. If not, you can reply directly to this email to speak with our customer support, and we'll take care of you.

You can also click this link, or the button below to be taken directly to the Deluxe Edition update page, where you'll find even more information and updates.

Thanks kindly

Steve, Lee and Jeroen

Team Pocket