PocketSprite Deluxe Edition Available!

PocketSprite Deluxe Edition Available!

After much anticipation, PocketSprite.com is thrilled to unveil the Deluxe Edition.

The Deluxe Edition represents hyperbolic self-imposed standards of design, manufacturing and presentation. We iterated multiple times on each variation, and started from scratch five times.

The end result is exceptional. The Deluxe Edition starts its life as a solid block of aerospace grade aluminium. The block is individually machined on a Swiss-CNC machine, in the same factory that manufactures parts for the world's largest aeronautics company.

Once carved into existence, the case is hand polished to a mirror finish, before being electronically anodized to create an incredible finish. 

The PocketSprite PCB is handed assembled into the case, which is held closed by two screws. That's right - the Deluxe Edition still allows you to hack your device.

Topping off this extraordinary device is a Gorilla Glass screen. Built from the latest-generation of ultra strong glass typically found on flagship smartphones, your PocketSprite is not only beautiful but incredibly tough.

Two versions of case have been produced: Liquid Silver and Midnight Black.

The Liquid Silver version is a strictly limited Collector's Edition of 100 pieces. Each piece has already been pre-sold during our Crowd Funding.

There will never be another run of Silver Cases. For those lucky Early Bird supporters, your devices are collector's editions. 

Each device comes with two sets of buttons: ABS Black and Cast Aluminium, allowing you to style your device as you prefer.

The PocketSprite Deluxe Edition is now available for order. To get yours - or to get more information, visit the dedicated Deluxe Edition page here.