Pocketsprite instagram contest results

Pocketsprite instagram contest results

Hey guys as you may know we organize contests often on the pocketsprite Instagram account. here are the winners of the last 2 contests :)

this week we got 2 winners 

@pocketsprite_keychain on instagram

Winner with the most likes  :

and with the most comments :

most commented picture of the contest


 Congrats girls :)


In an older contest, Beaus_Gameroom won and sent us this very cute picture of him playing his Atomic purple pocketsprite :)


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Playing with my lil Pocket Sprite before I go to work today. I won this small emulator from @pocketsprite_keychain in their most recent giveaway, and I have to say this lil guy packs a punch! It comes with a NES, GB, GBC, and Gamegear emulators already installed, and it’s very easy to upload any ROM to it...even I can do it.🧐 I decided to start playing Pokémon Green, English translation on it, and although it’s very hard to read the words on the screen, it is very much so playable! Great gaming device to play anywhere, even while on the toilet! I promised @joey.jo.jo.junior.shabadoo that I would take a picture of it with my pants down, if I won it...so here you go! . . #pocketsprite #videogames #pokemon #gamer #instagaming #retrogames #retrocollective #retroandweird #retrocollector #team1upem #gogp #nintendo #gameboy #gbc #sega #gamegear #playyourfuckinggames #pokemongreen #toiletgames #gameboypocket #tattoos

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Thank for participating :) hope to see you all in our next Instagram contest.