Ready Player One 💉

Ready Player One 💉

If you've just woken up from a coma, it is the year 2021.
In the last 12-months, the Japanese mined an asteroid, the Chinese liberated some moon rocks, a TV-star became US-president (again), and a mysterious virus swept the planet, forcing everyone to stay inside and play video games.

As the world's smallest video game emulator, the PocketSprite became the symbol of hope - allowing people to retreat to their childhood memories, where fossil-fuels were good, hair was big, and hoverboards actually hovered.

If you don't have a PocketSprite, you may not be equipped to handle the new world. Fear not - we've got the cure, and it's not two injections into the arm - get your PocketSprite today!

We're glad you made it to 2021.
Team Pocket