Resurrecting a "Red Light of Death" PocketSprite

Resurrecting a "Red Light of Death" PocketSprite

Some of our backers received units suffering from the "Red Light of Death" problem. (All of these backers have had replacement PocketSprites already sent out)

But if you're wondering what to do with your non-functional PocketSprites, great news: it can be brought back to life by replacing one simple component. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can end up with two devices!

Sprite_tm steps you through the process of opening the device, locating the component, desoldering and attaching the new component.

Ready to get started? All you'll need is the following:

  • 1x PocketSprite that shows the Red Light of Death ( 😢 )
  • 1x Fine Tipped Soldering Iron (and perhaps some wick and flux)
  • 1x XC6203 or 1x HT7833 or 1x  AP7365-30YRG or 1x HT7830 (Please see our note on suppliers below)

Once you've got everything, follow the video below, and you'll have a resurrected PocketSprite (😄) !

Component Notes

There's not one specific vendor to get your replacement component from. Your local electronics shop may have them, or you may be able to salvage them from something else. However, we'd recommend that you purchase from a reputable vendor to avoid getting counterfeit components.