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Each PocketSprite Assembled includes:
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Meet the PocketSprite

PocketSprite is an ultraportable gaming and emulation console. It’s been engineered to be highly playable, easy to use, easy to update, and designed to let you pick up where you left off, and put it down again.

The PocketSprite isn't a gimmick. It's a powerful device in a beautiful, strong case. Each PocketSprite is built from high-quality ABS plastic, with super-strong Gorilla Glass screens. It's built to last and entertain for a long time.

Game Selection & Adding ROMs

PocketSprite comes pre-loaded with two emulators, GNUBoy and SMS Plus, that allow you to play every single game on the following platforms:

  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Nintendo Game Boy Color
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Game Gear

When you’re tired of the pre-loaded open source games, uploading a new ROM is literally a one-click process. It’s done over-the-air. On Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android, no cables or drivers needed – just connect to PocketSprite’s Wi-Fi network, upload the ROM through PocketSprite’s web interface, and you’ll be playing.

For Gamers: Relive Retro Gaming in Your Pocket

If you spent all your pocket-money on AA batteries, dreamed of falling blocks, or have a soft spot in your heart for rectangular controllers, PocketSprite is for you. Throw on your favorite games in a click and fill in the otherwise wasted moments of your daily transit.

For Hardware Hackers: An Open Source Dev Platform

PocketSprite is a great gaming console in a tiny package, but look under the hood and it’s so much more. It’s an open source, mature development platform that features a full-color, high-contrast OLED screen, sound, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, storage, and an internal rechargeable battery, all wrapped in a beautifully crafted yet rugged ABS case. PocketSprite’s open source toolchain and robust bootloader make development a snap. Say goodbye to re-inventing the wheel. Say adieu to bricking and JTAG angst. Say hello to rapid development on your favorite new hardware device.

How It Works

We’ve spent an embarassing amount of time making this thing perfect instead of doing our day jobs.

We’ve wrestled a highly flexible, tiny microcontroller into submission and we’ve written some fairly great code to give you a superb gaming experience and snappy framerates. Turn it on, pick an emulator and ROM, and you’re off. Flick it off because your boss / teacher / partner is glaring at you, and when you turn it back on, you’re right back where you were.

Want to add more ROMs, other emulators, or your own programs? PocketSprite’s update mechanism is simplicity incarnate: it makes its own Wi-Fi hotspot, and you upload your new apps in literally one click.

Features & Specifications

Dimensions 55 x 32 x 14 mm
Processor ESP32 dual-core 240 MHz MCU
Storage 128 MBit flash, 520 KB RAM, 448 KB ROM

Injection molded ABS with soft-touch finish and screen filter


Gorilla Glass 4

Buttons Injection molded ABS and tactile click: power, A, B, start, select, game pad
Display OLED screen, 25 x 22 mm, 96 x 64 px, cropped to 5:4 ratio, 60+ FPS

13 mm mono speaker

Wireless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy
Battery Internal Li-ion battery gives hours of gameplay and lots of standby
Recharging via Micro USB port, cable included
Packaging Collector’s storage box (95 x 60 x 34 mm) and printed quick-start instructions
Emulators GNUBoy for Game Boy & Game Boy Color, SMS Plus for Sega Master System & Game Gear
Documentation https://pocketsprite.com and https://github.com/PocketSprite
Easter Eggs They’re there, you just need to find them.


Give It to Me Short and Sweet

  1. Very tiny – fits on your keychain, but still totally playable
  2. Plays all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, and Game Gear games
  3. Instant resume let’s you pick up a game exactly where you left off
  4. One-click-upload via Wi-Fi for new games / software / updates
  5. Rechargeable battery gives hours of gameplay per charge
  6. High-quality build with tactile buttons and adjustable volume and brightness
  7. Printed instruction sheet and embossed collector’s storage box
  8. Open source software and hardware: https://github.com/PocketSprite
  9. Powerful, ESP32-based hardware development platform
  10. PocketSprite Coding Challenge: code something cool, win the €1000 prize money

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